11 Interesting Ways to Confess Your Love

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5 creative ways to confess a guy your love

“It is not so difficult to say “I love you”; pentanpergidrofenantren, for example, is much more difficult.”

Each couple has its own special memories about dating, the first kiss, the first declaration of love. .. Of course, girls want to make these events memorable and unique. But in which way should you confess your feelings to your sweetheart when simple words seem too banal? It is better to come up with original and unusual declaration of love and surprise the young man with a beautiful present. Today you will learn about 5 interesting ways to confess your love.

Method # 1: The original cookie

Do you like cooking? Bake cookies for your boyfriend in the form of letters and lay out with them three words: “I love you.” No man can resist such delicious and nice gift. You can also prepare a delicious dinner of his favorite meals. As the old saying runs “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Method # 2: A box with declarations of love

Buy a beautiful casket or box and decorate it on your own. Put inside a lot of small pieces of paper with declarations of love. You can write on those pieces something like “I love you because you make me happy”.

Method # 3: Hidden messages

Prepare many declarations of love or beautiful wishes in the form of a heart and hide them in the apartment of your sweetheart. He will be very happy with pleasant discoveries.

Method # 4: The Heart

Tell your sweetheart that you’ve lost an important thing. The thing is red and of a small size and is somewhere in the apartment. After a brief search, he will find a decorative heart and you will say it’s your heart and now it belongs only to him.

Sometimes a cloudy and cold day becomes the best time for the recognition of love

Method # 5: The message on the radio

If your sweetheart is fond of radio, you may prepare an original recognition of love and a beautiful song.

These 5 original ways to confess your love are meant to use in case your sweetheart already knows about your feelings and you want to bring a little romance into your relationships. But there is another universal way to declare your love that works perfectly in any situation. Just hug your sweetheart tight and whisper in his ear “I love you!”

6 Creative ways to confess a girl your love

Boys as well as girls are afraid to hear “No” to their confession, so the majority of them do not dare to make the first step. It’s a complete nonsense. Any girl would be pleased to hear that she is loved. Therefore, you have to gather all your courage and wait for a favorable moment or organize it yourselves.

Method # 1. Spectacular

Everyone knows that women are highly impressionable and romantic creatures. That’s why it is preferable to prepare a creative recognition. The girl will appreciate it because apart from a desire to hear those three sacred words, she wants to know that you really cherish her and are ready little mad actions.

First of call and invite her for a date in one very interesting place. Do not say at once what is in your mind. Let it be interesting. Take her to the planned place. It may be a horse riding club, an open roof, which offers a beautiful view, a gulf coast or an arbor in a secret place of the park. Make use of your creativity, but find out in advance what the girl likes to avoid unpleasant situations. If she is afraid of height and you took her to admire the sunset on the roof, the date will be a memorable experience for her, but certainly not a romantic one.

Method # 2. Romantic

Declaration of love is like a surrender. Janusz Leon Wisniewski

If the first option is not suitable for some reasons, there is another creative way to express your feelings and pleasantly surprise your sweetheart. Use the petals of flowers to make a heart. It’s very romantic, when you do it on the beach, but a room or a sidewalk in front of her window is also suitable. Instead of the petals, you can use the classic version, i.e. light candles in front of her windows making a heart or writing recognition.

Method # 3. Artistic

There are several variations on this theme. For example, draw on the opposite house wall a lovely little creature with the recognition of your love. Such a gesture will not remain unnoticed. You can also stretch posters with the words of recognition on her way home.

Method # 4. Highly technological

If the natural shyness does not allow you confess face to face, Internet will help you do it.
You can send her an e-mail. Option is convenient because you do not have to look into her eyes, hastily looking for appropriate words and feeling more and more uncomfortable. One click with the mouse and everything is done. The negative side is that you cannot see her reaction.

Method # 5. Mobile phone

If you are a confident person in general, but when it comes to declarations of love your palms cover with sweat and your cheeks blush, use a mobile phone. Both of you will hear each other voices but nothing will discredit you in her eyes during this delicate process.

Method # 6. Culinary

Invite your girlfriend to the cafe or restaurant. This method may seem trivial, but it is tested for years by many generations. But do not hurry to confess your love if the hall is noisy. First make sure that nothing distracts her from your words. If the option of a cafe does not suit you, prepare a dinner for your sweetheart. Even if you are not a chef of the restaurant and scrambled eggs are all you can cook, don’t panic and just make use of the Internet. You can find all sorts of video lessons and master classes on cooking there. Select a kind of kitchen she prefers and prepare something not very complicated. Your lady will be conquered by your efforts.

We are two cowards who cannot confess

Here are several tips for those who decided to confess their feelings.

  • To be afraid is not a shame.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for any response. It can be both positive and negative.
  • Make sure that you look really good. Remember that the first impression is very important.
  • Be natural and do not pretend to be the one you are really not.
  • Try to be confident and look in her eyes. Show that you are responsible for your words.
  • Do not require an immediate response. She appreciated your efforts but she also needs time to think it over.
  • Do not chase her. Give her some time.
  • Do not get angry if you are rejected. She has her own feelings.

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