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Below you can read more about six business plans that may potentially become your family business. The main emphasis is made on creating a cozy atmosphere rather than attracting large amounts of clients. The founders will have the opportunity to be creative in order to introduce something special.


A whole family may start this business. In fact, profit generated by the cafes is far less than that of the restaurants. However, the amount of funds you need to invest to open a cafe is far less than that of restaurants. Cozy atmosphere combined with an unsophisticated menu may generate a steady income for you. https://runumber.net/samples/cafe-business-plan/

Coffee shop

Coffee kiosks are now located literally at every corner of any city. Small towns usually provide more growth opportunities for coffee kiosks, since the market is not oversaturated. If you dream of running your own restaurant but have no relevant experience yet, try to start with an easier option and open a coffee shop. This is the simplest business option that will allow you to learn many things in the restaurant business. https://runumber.net/samples/coffee-shop-business-plan/

Hookah cafe

If you are a sociable person and know how to create a comfortable atmosphere for people to rest, you may succeed in hookah café business. Hookah cafe refers to the places with a limited popularity. Always carefully consider the number of potential customers in small towns, very often it is too low which results in a low profitability. If we talk about big cities, there are no restrictions here.  https://runumber.net/samples/hookah-cafe-business-plan/


If you don’t want to cook anything, you can open an anti-cafe. In this case, you just need to entertain your clients. If you know how to bring people together and unite them around some interesting matter, anti-cafe business has many chances to succeed. Remember that your main expenses will be the fees to the well-known persons you invite to entertain the public.

Tea cafe

This business can be simple and complex simultaneously. Coffee and tea are interchangeable drinks, so running a tea or coffee shop has many common features. But if you plan to capture the clients with tea ceremonies, it is not an easy matter at all. So the availability of a right audience largely defines the choice of a business model. Remember also that only a small portion of potential clients will turn to the regular ones.

Cafe for children

Perhaps the most attractive side of the family cafes is the possibility to make use of the children’s playground. Parents with their children provide the lion’s share of income for family cafes. First and foremost, the cafe’s owner has to offer an interesting menu and a wide range of entertainment services. While children have fun, the parents can drink a cup of tea or coffee and relax a bit.

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