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Have you ever wondered why some men are able to please you with a good sex, while the others leave so terrible memories that you want to forget them as soon as possible? Unfortunately, the number of inexperienced lovers is far surpassing the number of the really skillful ones. So it’s better to determine at once whether the man is worthy to have sex with. We prepared a ranking of 7 types of guys you should better avoid, if you don’t want to get disappointed after everything is over.

Type 1 – Young boys

How many young boys pretend to be adult and super experienced lovers! Unfortunately, you’ll never experience a breathtaking sex with the boys who barely know how to kiss a woman in a right way. Sex with such partner comes to the end so quickly that you won’t even realize what happened. Sexual hyper arousal from the very thought that he managed to seduce a woman is so high that the orgasm comes in a minute or two. To be honest, it’s impossible for a young boy to be a skillful lover if all his sexual experience consists of watching porn movies and kissing girls now and then.

Type 2 – Charming fatty

Probably every girl has such smart, kind, merry and attentive friend. Undoubtedly, it’s excellent to spend time together but not in a bed. He is extremely lazy in sexual relations, so you’ll have to take all the initiative. Fat men are commonly not accustomed to physical activity and may experience problems with the blood pressure or suffer from shortness of breath. If you are ready for a lazy sex, i.e. slow movements, simple poses (mainly those when he lays on the bed) or frequent refusals to make love, then go ahead!

Type 3 – Brutal guy

brutal sexy men

This is a bright example of a real man – strong, hairy, rude and experiencing passion to bikes, for instance. As a rule, such men are prone to alcohol abuse that frequently prevents them from finishing a sexual act successfully. By the way, forget about cunnilinghus, since it is too boring for the majority of brutal guys. Animal-like sex is usually a top of their abilities. It may sometimes be pretty exciting but when you constantly have the same rude and dirty sex, it becomes disappointing.

Type 4 – Pleasing gentleman

All women adore men with excellent manners and soft character. It feels so good when he helps to put your coat on, opens a door of the automobile first, supports your hand and shows a thousand of other small signs of attention. However, such manner of behavior may become too obtrusive. It’s especially irritating when you practice sex and a guy cannot make a step without your approval. May I kiss you? Is it convenient for you? Do you feel good? Perhaps, you’ve heard these stupid questions many times. Don’t even dream of having a wild spontaneous sex with him. Of course, it’s too impolite and you may not like it!

Type 5 – Preoccupied with fitness

Tanned handsome man as if from the cover of a fashion magazine, with powerful muscles and incredibly well-groomed is a dream of any girl. Unfortunately, such men spend all their time in fitness centers or in front of the mirror. He will devote a minute for you only in case you want to admire his excellent body. Think twice whether you are ready to tolerate such guy for the sake of boasting with him among your friends for a few hours. Most likely, you won’t hear any compliments from him. He won’t even notice your beauty because he is the only ideal in the whole world. Besides, don’t forget to praise his penis five times a day unless you want to bury him in the deepest depression. He is really convinced that his penis is a unique masterpiece of nature!

Type 6 – Former lover

Perhaps, you felt very good with you former guy and even considered him the best one in the world. But it was in the past and now you don’t experience emotions like before. Now you know how good it may feel with other men. Of course, you may feel yourself pretty flattered when a former lover appears again and starts claiming you were the best girl among all he had. But don’t forget it’s a past. If you have a bad sex, you’ll get disappointed both in him and your memories. If the sex is wonderful, you risk returning to what you both escaped from. Do you really need to experience it all over again?

Type 7 – Narcissistic personality

Narcissistic guy is a main type of men in our ranking with whom you may have a bad sex. Such guy will be deeply convinced that a night with him is a miracle in your life and you should be grateful to your destiny for the meeting. Each his movement or action will be made with only one purpose: to hear compliments regarding his strength, intelligence and, of course, incredible sexuality. In case you didn’t behave like that, he would definitely consider you insufficiently intelligent and worthy of himself. Undoubtedly, this guy will never appreciate you.