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Kotor is a famous resort on the Montenegrin Adriatic coast. The city is a bright example of the Mediterranean architecture of medieval cities. Kotor’s medieval architecture has preserved very well since those times. The resort was included into UNESCO cultural heritage list in 1979. The city is situated at the foot of Mount Lovcen on the shore of Kotor Bay which beauty is unique in the whole Mediterranean region. Kotor was founded at the times of the Roman Empire and was a part of the Roman province of Dalmatia. Today Kotor attracts many tourists due to its beauty and special atmosphere. The Cathedral of St. Tryphon is a symbol of the city. XIV century frescoes and the works of Venetian and Kotor jewelers are kept there. It’s also interesting to visit the theater of Napoleon, churches of St. Ann, St. Luca and the church of St. Mary. Those who want to see Kotor Bay in all its beauty need to visit beautiful coastal towns Herceg Novi, Perast and Risan.


Where to Sunbathe in Kotor

Kotor public beaches are located in a suburban area of Dobrota. The shores covered with gravel provide an easy access to the water and alternate with each other and the boat pontoons.

Beach Morinj is covered with pebble and sand. The total length of the coast is about 1 km while the width is 15 meters. The beach is located near the highway but this is an advantage because it’s easy to reach it for everyone who travels by car along the bay coast.

A beach in a town of Perast is a coastline with small portions of concrete platforms specially equipped for the tourists. It’s deep enough right near the shore, so you can often see people jumping and diving from the platforms. The total length of the beaches within the boundaries of the old town is about 300 meters.

Compact beach of Bajova kula is about 60 meters long. It is located on a small cape of the Kotor Bay about 10 km from Kotor. You can leave your car on a nearby parking within a walking distance. It is also possible to get to the beach by water using a boat.

Orahovac Beach is a publicly available resort coast in a village of Donji Orahovac. The length of the beach is quite small – about 80 meters with two more plot a bit further on the coast. However, the beach is never crowded. This harmonious, comfortable and picturesque place offers enough room even during a high season for the locals and tourists.

Beach of the Cape Marco is a pebble area of Kotor Bay coast that is located about 7 km from Kotor. The length of the partially equipped resort coast it is approximately 1 km. Marco beach provides spectacular views of the bay as well as the hills and mountains on the opposite shore.

Transport Peculiarities

Kotor is not a big city and the cars are forbidden within its boundaries. However, if you want to visit some of the neighbouring towns in the Bay of Kotor and at the same time enjoy the views, you can use the public bus services. The buses have frequent departures from the main bus station in Kotor and during summer months the number of departures increases.

Kotor is well connected with other locations in Montenegro as well as with many other cities of the Adriatic coast. The main bus station can be found a bit outside of the center. Kotor’s main bus company is Autoboka. The bus station has ten platforms and a taxi stand.

Kotor’s Most Popular Hotels

There are a lot of hotels in Kotor. Their prices largely depend on the distance to the sea. Hotels that are situated on the sea coast charge the highest prices. The most popular hotels in Kotor include Guesthouse Anita, D & Sons Apartments, Kamena Palata Apartments, Hotel Monte Cristo and Apartments Paradis. Each of these hotels offers free wi-fi, restaurant, TV, free parking and a beautiful view from window as a pleasant bonus. You can book any hotel you like depending on the size of your wallet.

Looking for Entertainment in Kotor

Yachting, beach rest and excursions are the main entertainments in Kotor. There is no amusement park in Kotor but it will be interesting for the children to go to the mountains, stroll through the Lovcen’s National Park and ride on a boat around the bay. Special entertainment for children called Avanturisticki park is organized in the Lovcen park which is mainly focused on the active rest.

There are not so much adult entertainments in Kotor, so the fans of night parties will get pretty bored here. Maximus is the most famous night club in Kotor located near the city walls of the Old Town. The disco may serve 4,000 visitors at once. Local DJs are often assisted by their colleagues from other Mediterranean countries. When the night life of Kotor is already studied, the tourists usually go to the neighboring Tivat and Budva in search of new impressions.

Famous Places to Visit in Kotor

Roman and Byzantine influences amazingly intertwine in Kotor’s architecture. The brightest examples of the medieval architecture are the Catholic Cathedral of St. Tryphon, the Church of St. Luca built in the 12th century, the clock tower and the 13th century fortress at foot of the Mount Lovcen.

Kotor city walls surround the old town completely. They begin from the sea bottom and rise to a height of 250 meters, up to the castle of St. John that is built on the mountain. Some of these walls already existed in the Byzantine period but mostly the walls were built in the16-18th century. This fortification is unique and you won’t find a similar one anywhere in the world.

Cathedral of St Tryphon, one of the oldest monuments of Roman architecture on the entire Adriatic coast, is extremely interesting for the tourists. The Cathedral was destroyed with cannonballs and earthquakes many times for centuries. But most of all it suffered from the earthquake in 1667, when both its bell towers were destroyed. New towers in baroque style replaced the old ones in the 17th century. Unfortunately, this temple, like all the ancient city of Kotor, was severely damaged by another earthquake in 1979. The relics of St. Tryphon, the patron of Kotor, are kept until now in the temple in a silver ark.

It is also interesting to spend a couple of hours in a Kotor city market where you can buy everything this land is rich of: fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, olives, etc.