St. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Today is Valentine’s Day. Or, as men like to call it, extortion day.

Gifts for a guy on Valentine’s Day

Of course, you can present your boyfriend a stylish leather belt, purse or umbrella. But he is likely to receive all this from his mother, sister, aunt or grandmother. So it is better to buy your boyfriend any shorts with a funny picture or inscription. And if you are too shy to visit men’s underwear shops, just order the pants via the internet. All you need is to find out the required size.

“On February 14 there will be a day when all women divide into two categories: the first will roar and thump, while the other will take photos of their bouquets and post them on Facebook”

Gifts for a husband on Valentine’s Day

After the marriage, the majority of men stop caring about their appearance in a proper way. As a result, they are proud of their beer belly and visit the hairdresser only when the fringe begins to climb into their eyes. So St. Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to remind your husband that you fell in love with him when he was a little bit different. Present your husband a certificate for attending a fitness center or nice running shoes. A certificate for any procedure in the beauty salon would be a good option too.

Gifts for a girl on Valentine’s Day

Apart from flowers, the best gift is perfumes. Of course, you can always choose the wrong aroma, but still it will be better than to purchase, for example, the wrong jewelry. If a girl does not like a gold chain, she will hide it into the far end of the box. And if she does not like the aroma, she will find it a practical application using as the air freshener in the toilet. The best option for you is to find out the name of your girlfriend’s favorite perfumes and buy her an appropriate bottle.

Gifts for a wife on Valentine’s Day

“- I want you to present me flowers every day, not just on February 14th.
– And I want you to be a witch only for Halloween, not every day. “

Choosing a gift for your wife, it is necessary to focus on the one which will let her know she is not a housewife but still desirable lover for you. The worst gifts for your wife on February 14th are a pan, a mop and anti-cellulite massage session. The best ones are jewelry, perfumes and underwear. However, be careful even with these items because the fact that you have lived in a marriage for over 10 years, does not mean that you’re a perfect judge of likes and dislikes of your beloved wife.

Gifts for parents on Valentine’s Day

“If you do not know whom to give a heart on February 14th, give it to your mother, she is really worth it.”

Although February 14th is a romantic holiday, grateful and loving children often congratulate their parents this day. When we grow up and begin living separately, we see our parents less and less, sometimes a couple of times a year, mostly on Easter and Christmas. Therefore, it is better to present your parents a memorable gift. For example, a huge cake and a memorable photo session with it. A ticket to a good resort is an acceptable option too. But the best gift for parents on St. Valentine’s Day are the news they will become grandparents soon.

9 Powerful Life Hacks to Overcome Procrastination and Find Yourself One Step Closer to Your Dream

People start to master the art of procrastination in their early childhood and over the years these skills grow reaching an unprecedented level. Each of us understands that the skills of deliberate forgetting of doing the right things complicate our lives greatly. Some really important things are done too late, while the others are never done at all. Similarly, numerous creative plans remain at the planning stage and never come to life. People always find excuses why it’s impossible to do something right now. Although the truth is obvious: laziness combined with a long-standing habit of hoping that the problem will resolve itself, contribute largely to the situation. Life is like running in circles and behind a pile of postponed actions it’s unclear where you are at the moment and where you should go. Gradually you come to a sad conclusion that procrastination has turned into a significant problem that must be solved immediately, because it exerts a substantial impact on the quality of your life.


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Internet Outages: Anything to Worry About?

Many of us cannot even think seriously about a possibility of staying without the Internet for even a few hours. However, what may happen if the Internet stops working for some reason?

Nowadays, a life of many people makes them staying online permanently, so the question of what will happen if the Internet suddenly disappears becomes particularly acute. Well, the consequences may be quite unexpected.

In 1995, less than one percent of the world’s population had access to the global network. Today, 20 years later, more than 3.5 billion people enjoy a constant access to the Internet. This is almost half of the world’s population. Many people cannot imagine their existence without a worldwide network.

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Everyone Can Start a New Life. A Breathtaking Story of Khalil Rafati

In 2003 the American medics desperately tried to save the life of Khalil Rafati who was dying after the ninth overdose. Using the defibrillator they managed to save his life.

At that time he was 33 years old and lived on the Los Angeles streets. He was heavily dependent on cocaine, weighed 49 kg and his skin was all covered with sores.

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Consider Yourself a Smart One? Get Ready to Have Less Sex!

In 2013 LoveHoney, the UK company selling sex toys via the Internet, presented a survey that revealed the link between the level of IQ and sex drive.

The research was conducted among the students of Oxford, Manchester and Cambridge universities that are considered the top educational establishments in the UK. LoveHoney presumed that one has to be pretty clever to study at one of these elite universities and immediately correlated the high IQ level with the high interest in sex. Such approach seems enough controversial anyway but it provoked a wave of public discussion in which even the students of the aforementioned universities participated. Alice Little, a former student of the Cambridge university, put forward the opinion that the results of the survey are credible in a certain regard. She admitted that sex in general and sex toys in particular are a perfect way to get rid of stress imposed by the everyday challenges of studying at elite universities. It is ridiculous to think the students aren’t aware of this fact.


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7 Types of Men to Have a Bad Sex With

Have you ever wondered why some men are able to please you with a good sex, while the others leave so terrible memories that you want to forget them as soon as possible? Unfortunately, the number of inexperienced lovers is far surpassing the number of the really skillful ones. So it’s better to determine at once whether the man is worthy to have sex with. We prepared a ranking of 7 types of guys you should better avoid, if you don’t want to get disappointed after everything is over.

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