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Tivat is a modern and clean city with lots of fountains, wonderful beaches and entertainments for the whole family. Unlike popular Budva, this location never suffers from the crowds of tourists. This resort is not promoted very much, so people who appreciate silence, romance and nature usually arrive here. There are no storms here and the city’s embankment is a real fairy tale for those who enjoy slow walks along the sea coast. Moreover, the accommodation prices in Tivat are much lower than in the other cities of Montenegro.


How to Get to Tivat

Tivat airport is 4 km from the city. It is one of two international airports in Montenegro (the second one is in Podgorica). Daily flights to Belgrade are made all year long, while the flights in other directions are mainly performed in the summer. Tivat is very convenient for the tourists following to Kotor (7 km from the airport) and Budva (20 km).

Additionally, Tivat is connected with the rest of the Montenegro by Jadranska magistrala, a two-lane highway. A ferry Kamenari – Lepetane allows to cross the Strait of Verige on the way to Croatia.

Beaches in Tivat

There are a few beaches in Tivat. Almost all of them are owned by large hotels. As a rule, the beaches are located along the waterfront and close to major hotels. In many places they are made of concrete and equipped with the ladders to enter the water, so don’t count on soft sand or pebble. On the other hand, the beaches are mainly situated near the city parks and that means beautiful cypress and pine trees all around and infrastructure necessary for a pleasant and comfortable rest like restaurants, parking, shower, etc.

When it comes to the Tivat beaches, it’s worth remembering about urban beach Belane which is 100-150 m long and Zupa 550 m long. They are all covered with small pebble. Belane is small and modest with a small parking next to it. Beach Zupa is a large one and is located near the airport. The beach is divided into three sections. There are premium beds as well as the area for the rest with towels. A big city park Zupa is not far from the beach. Except of cafes you can find water activities like canoeing and water skiing which is particularly popular.

Donja Lastva is a lovely beach about 3 km from Tivat. It is covered with the prime quality sand that is not typical for Montenegro. The total length of the beach is about a kilometer, so free places are always enough even during a high season.

If you are ready to ride a little further, try to visit Opatovo beach. It is located 4 kilometers from Tivat, near the ferry Kamenari-Lepetane. The length of the beach is only 220 meters, but it is divided into two smaller parts and the common tourist infrastructure is available.

Kalardovo beach is located right at the entrance to the Flowers’ island. It is 5 kilometers away from Tivat. The beach area is about 4200 m, actually, it’s a city beach with all conveniences.

The most remote beach near Tivat is located on the Flowers’ island 5 kilometers from the city center. Beach goes around the whole island and is divided into several smaller beaches. They are not perfectly equipped but the shade of trees makes them an ideal destination for a small picnic at sea.

Cultural Events in Tivat

There are many masquerades and carnivals at the resort all year long.

Purgatorije or a Festival of Mediterranean Theatre which is organized by Tivat Culture Centre starts at the resort at the end of July. You can visit various exhibitions, theatrical performances, film shows and concerts during the festival. Lastouski fesht is open for visitors in the first Saturday of August in a town of Gornja Lastva. The program includes numerous exhibitions and concerts. Dinner at the mill is the peculiarity of the festival.

Having visited the city in November, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy Tivat days of culture that are accompanied by theatrical performances, concerts and exhibitions.

Sightseeing in Tivat

There are many interesting monuments and buildings in Tivat. Let’s make a short review of the most popular ones.

Bucha is a medieval palace that was built almost 500 years ago and consists of five buildings including a chapel of St. Michael.

Gornja Lastva is the old city center situated about 300 meters above sea level. It is a very nice and beautiful place.

Monastery of the Archangel Michael is located on the Flowers’ island. It was built in the VI century and serves as a residence of the Orthodox Metropolitan in the XIII century. The Venetians took power in 1441, poisoned all monks, announced the epidemic of plague and destroyed the monastery. It was partly restored only in 1833, now one can see a small church and the cells of monks. It’s also worth visiting the Trinity Church on the Flowers’ island where the relics of 70 poisoned monks from the monastery are kept.

The island of St. Mark is a former elite recreation center for rich people. Many simple huts covered with straw were built here without any electricity or water supply. Ironically, such rest was incredibly popular. Presently, an access to the island is officially closed for tourists since there are plans to build a 6-star spa resort there.

Tivat Botanical Garden
is famous for its large collection of exotic plants brought here by Montenegro sailors for several centuries.

Porto Montenegro is the largest port for luxury yachts on the Adriatic coast.

Finally, you can find a museum, an art gallery and a summer theater in Tivat.