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Unfortunately, not all guys have a proper imagination and are able to surprise and please their girlfriend with a memorable gift. But it may be excused to a certain extent, because guys face more global problems. If you are the one who has no time to reflect on the ideas of presents, check our list and find something appropriate there.

The best gifts are presented in the little boxes.

1. Decorations have always been a perfect gift. You can opt between those made of precious metals with gorgeous stones and a more modest jewelry. The main thing is not to be mistaken with the size. But even if you miss a little bit, you can always decrease or increase the size in the jewelry shop.

2. Gift-impression. The choice is extremely wide in this case. It may be a photo shoot made by the eminent photographer, a day at the spa and even tickets for a concert of your favorite band. Examine the tastes of your girlfriend and choose the most suitable option.

3. Despite the fact that many men still believe that a woman’s place is at the stove in the kitchen, the majority of women has learned how to deal with the Internet long ago and face fashionable electronic gadgets every day. Therefore, another wonderful gift is a tablet, netbook, notebook, phone or e-book.

“I want to marry Santa Claus. .. he does not get old, comes once a year and he always has money for presents!”

4. Every lady likes to look after herself. If she doesn’t, perhaps she simply has no appropriate instrument. In this case it is possible to present her a bath for feet, a device for hair styling or an electric set for a pedicure and manicure.

5. The girl will definitely appreciate your efforts, if you present her a lingerie set. Such a gift, of course, implies the existence of close and intimate relationships. Such present is difficult to choose but if you guess the size, both you and your sweetheart will be satisfied.

“Our parents presented us a life. Are there any more expensive gifts?”

6. Nowadays women have to combine a lot of different roles, including the role of a housewife. You may help her cope with this important role presenting a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher or apparatus for making ice cream.

7. You will not seem too banal, if you present a set for making sushi and rolls.

Every gift, even the smallest one, becomes a great gift if you present it with love. Derek Walcott

8. Your girlfriend will certainly be pleased having received a pre-paid certificate to attend a pool, a fitness center, beauty salon or anything else depending on her interests and preferences.

9. The most memorable gift may be a rest at the sea. If not tonight, then during the next six months. As a guarantee show her a booked hotel room with an advance payment for the tour.

10. The most courageous men may drop to one knee and present an engagement ring with a proposal of marriage.

Finally, never forget about flowers! Even if the girl claims she does not like them, do not believe her! All the girls adore beautiful bouquets presented with love and adoration!