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Today we’d like to continue a theme of the relationships between guys and girls and to talk about how to become attractive to a girl. Many men, sooner or later, ask this question. That’s why we decided to write a post to prevent you from wasting time searching for answers. Everything you will read in this article is only a general recommendation, following which you are more likely to be attractive to girls. Remember also that the order of the male qualities listed below is not as important as their availability.

Become Attractive to Girls
Become Attractive to Girls


Ask different girls how they imagine a man of their dreams and an overwhelming majority of them will answer he has to be confident. Not handsome, not rich and even not sexy. First of all he must be confident in himself as well as his actions.

Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you. Know your worth even if they don’t.

Women feel themselves very comfortable together with such men. If you do not possess this quality, it’s not a trouble at all. Do not try to copy it since the girls feel false perfectly and will hardly appreciate your efforts. It is also very important not to confuse confidence with arrogance and conceit. These are completely different things. Try to be a decisive guy and not a shy one. Nowadays the girls do not appreciate shyness. In addition, never avert your eyes from the girl when talking with her. These simple rules should clearly deposit in your mind if you really want to become attractive to a girl.

Sense of humor

Perhaps, you’ve heard an old proverb saying that the girls love with their ears. Of course, there is nothing sweeter for women’s ears than kind words and nice compliments. But it is important to remember another simple rule. A man who managed to cheer his girlfriend is already attractive to her.

People with a good sense of humor have a better sense of life.


Manhood is under attack. We’ve become a nation of chest-shaving, magazine-reading, pilates-doing, yogurt-eaters!

Any girl wants to see a strong man by her side. Subconsciously she wants to feel herself weak and protected. Of course, you can add courage here too. A man should always remember who is a strong sex and who is a weak one. Unfortunately, nowadays this quality is often refers to women rather than men.

Good manners

Good manners and kindness are always in fashion

Everybody understands what does it mean but not everyone can behave in such way. It is not hard at all to avoid using invective when a girl is near. It’s equally easy to respect the elder people. Of course, there are girls who prefer the troublemaking guys. But we are talking here about normal girls who are prevailing. Therefore, do not forget the banal rules of etiquette. It has not hurt anyone yet.


“I’m sorry” is a statement
“I won’t do it again” is a promise.
“How do I make it up for you” is a responsibility.

Each person should be responsible. It’s particularly true in case of a guy. You shouldn’t be responsible only for yourselves and your own actions but also for your relatives, your family and your future. An irresponsible people cannot be relied upon. They cannot be trusted. If there is no trust to a person, it is difficult to build serious mutual relations. Therefore, in order to become attractive to a girl, you are obliged to be responsible.


In other words, you should have something that other people don’t have, i.e. something that might “catch” the girl. In fact, it’s not so difficult to be extraordinary. Each of us has something that we don’t want to demonstrate in public. Try not to be a gray mouse among millions of others people. Be yourself!

“99% of failures happen to those who have got used to find an excuse.” George Washington Carver


Neatness begets order; But from order to taste there is the same difference as from taste to genius, or from love to friendship” Johann Kaspar Lavater

Generally, the girls are more prone to cleanliness and order than men. And it’s built into them at a subconscious level. Sleazy men are repelling. No matter how cheerful and clever you are, a girl will never pay attention to you, if you do not follow the basic rules of hygiene and wear dirty clothes.

Be in demand

It is important to hint a girl that you are a desired object for other females, but at the same time, your girl is the only one who is really interesting and important. Many guys take this advice literally and thereby suffer a terrible failure. It is important to understand the brink of what is permitted. Do not examine other girls while being next to your girlfriend. Don’t notice anyone around at all. Let her know she is the only one for you at a given moment.

“Those women are noticeable who never pay much attention to you”


Like her friends

It is important to understand that you do not have to flirt or sleep with her friends. You just have to evoke positive emotions in them. They may even become a bit envious mentioning your name. However, there are some pitfalls since envious friends are a very dangerous weapon. Keep this in mind and do not go too far!

Some people will try to expose what is wrong with you because they can’t stand what is right about you.

Be an interesting to communicate with

Individuals who are interesting in communication attract the other people. Remember that girls love with ears. Do not let the silly and absurd pauses put both of you in an awkward position. But also don’t talk nonsense. If you meet a girl not for the first time, you probably have already managed to figure out her interests, hobbies and preferences. With this in mind, try to find the themes for conversation that will be interesting to both of you.

Well, we think these advices are more than enough to become attractive to a girl. Of course, these are just recommendations and it is not necessary to follow them strictly. You can attract a woman without doing any of these tips. After all, we are all different and have various tastes and preferences. However, the majority of girls will prefer the guys who meet all the requirements of the list.

“To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy. “

Note that to become attractive to the girl you should also be a romantic, affectionate, gentle and punctual person, respect her and her family and correspond to a thousand of other requirements. But most importantly, you have to be yourself. There is no need to be an actor trying to demonstrate non-existent qualities. The women are not so stupid and are able to distinguish the actual from the desired. Just be yourself and respect your girl. Listen to yourself and your heart and you will succeed!