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Unfortunately, many women fell some tension in bed, being afraid of expressing their feelings, emotions and thoughts openly. Therefore, they cannot enjoy the process of sex to a full extent. Naturally, the partner receives less pleasure or none at all. There is also a type of women who go too far in their behavior and act out sexual promiscuity. This behavior is ridiculous and scares men away. So how to get relaxed during sex? Here are six advices that may help you.


1 Do not get stuck on your shortcomings

Many women worry about their appearance even during sex. They worry whether their makeup is good enough, whether their cellulite is visible, whether the stomach is sexy and hundreds of other matters. However, it appears that for men it does not matter that much. Men are able not to think about these points and enjoy the moment. They just love naked body, like to look at it and want to be able to touch it. That is why sex during daylight is so important to them. Small shortcomings are not as scary as the woman may imagine. If a man wants to go to bed with you, he doesn’t pay attention to them. So why should you bother?

2 Do not turn on bright light

If you still have some complexes about your appearance, you can correct the situation choosing a proper lighting. Of course, you can have sex in the dark, but you’ll surely get bored over time. But first it may happen to your partner. The perfect decision is to use candles or small lamps instead of bright lights. The very light has to be soft and diffused to make you look seductive. This is what you need to feel relaxed and receive a full satisfaction from making love.

3 Choose nice underwear

It’s extremely hard to find a woman who considers her figure is ideal. Skillfully chosen erotic lingerie may correct many deficiencies of you body. For example, small breasts look excellent in a bra with push-up effect, while a transparent neglige is a fine option for wide hips and waist. So you’ll feel yourself more confident. A partly naked woman whose body is decorated with a luxurious lingerie is extremely exciting to men.

how to get relaxed during sex
how to get relaxed during sex

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4 Communicate with your partner

Learn how to talk with your partner about sex, tell him what you like and what excites you and show your erogenous zones. Finally, share your erotic fantasies. Most men do not always realize what things can bring you a true pleasure. Bed is not a place where you need to be clever and prude. If a man sees you are sincere with him and he is able to bring you pleasure, of course he will remember exactly this and not your stretch marks and cellulite.

5 Turn on your imagination

Try to imagine yourself in the form of your ideal image to the smallest details. Pay a particular attention to your emotions, i.e. how does it feel if you look like a woman from your dreams. Remember these feelings and get used to them. Over time you will realize that all your useless fears about your imperfections live only in your mind and actually it is very simple be beautiful and sexy. The secret is to be afraid of nothing!

6 Feel free to express your emotions

Most importantly, do not conceal and suppress your emotions. You should not restrain yourself in bed because this is the place where your desire and passion are on the first place. Finally, men remember those girls who managed to deliver them satisfaction and made them feel good. Emotionality is especially important for couples whose relationships last for years. To avoid routine in sex, bring new feelings, practice new places and poses. And, of course, show your passion and desire.