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Don’t be afraid of your friends – they can only betray you, do not be afraid of your enemies – they can only kill you, be afraid of indifferent people, for only because of their silent consent murders and betrayals are committed.

Friendship is one of the best things in life. Those friends we are sure of are definitely better than other people. A true friend may be difficult to distinguish from a mere acquaintance, nevertheless, the difference is significant. True friends are the people you can ask for help in any situation. Simultaneously, you know they are always on your side, no matter what happens.

Friend Is a True One
Friend Is a True One


When the sun shines on you, you see your friends. Friends are the thermometer by which we may judge the temperature of our fortunes.

The ways a true friend behaves

1. He supports you in all your endeavors. It may be a new dance, rock climbing, job changing or starting your own business. A true friend will be with you, no matter the way you go.

2. He likes your follies. A true friend loves you as well as your follies. If you are true friends, you will do such nonsense together and still have a lot of fun.

3. He forgives you everything. Sometimes we may do not very good things, often by mistake. With the false friends, it may cost you their friendship. But true friends know that nobody is perfect and are ready to accept it. They forgive you because you have a much greater value than any stupidity or error you make.

4. He is always on your side. No matter with whom you have a conflict and what is the reason, a true friend is always on your side. He will always support and help you in any situation, without even asking what is going on. And that’s exactly the way real friends behave!

5. He supports you in a new activity. As we grow, we discover new interests in our life. Frequently, they are not similar to those which we had before. The fake friend will make fun of you and make attempts to bring you back to the initial position. But the real one will allow you to be yourself and support you in studying something new.

It sometimes happens that the man protected by your chest, hits you in your back.

6. He knows your little flaws. We all have our little quirks and it is known only to our real friends. No one else knows you so well because only real friends notice such small details. Generally, it’s a good sign.

7. He supports relations. Fake friends call you only when they need something from you. True friends are always in touch with you regardless of the time and circumstances, simply because both you and your life are important. At the same time, they do not need to know the latest juicy details about your love relationship.

8. He knows how to keep secrets. If you want to entrust your little secret and not be afraid that tomorrow everyone will know about it, then you can only trust your real friend. Fake friends do not perceive the secret in a proper way and treat it as something insignificant. The true friend respects you and tells no one about your mystery.

Bad friends do not exist. If a friend is insincere, distant, dishonest, then it’s just an acquaintance and nothing more.

9. There is no need to make an impression on him. If you need to think about the outfit every time, make trendy hairstyles and wear jewelries just going for a walk, they are hardly real friends. True friends do not care about such things, they just want to spend some time together with you. It does not matter whether you’re in a sports suit or in an evening dress.

10. He always has time for you. Even if your friend has only an hour between his work and fitness club, he is always ready to meet you. And it’s not a question of busyness at all, he really wants to spend time together.

11. He is always ready to support you. The big difference between real and false friends is the way they behave in grief and joy. If you feel like it’s not the best day, a false friend pats you on your shoulder and tries to change the subject of conversation. A true friend opens his arms and gives you a chance to talk. True friends are always ready to be near.