5 Simple Ways to Overcome Depression

1. Extreme Sports Defeat is not the end of your way, if you managed to cope with it. American psychologists introduced an amazing method of dealing with a severe depression. Instead of a prolonged treatment in a clinic, they advised their particularly depressed patients to do things they were afraid even of thinking about. For […]

Gay Shame: Any Prospects to Overcome?

Though many Western democracies consider themselves very progressive when it comes to a gay culture, the whole situation around homophobia is not so optimistic. Each society is more or less homophobic. Some may consider the problem has practically disappeared with the advent of civil marriage but it’s not true. To make the things clearer, imagine […]

How to Overcome Body Shame?

A theme of body shame is usually paid little attention by media but is very familiar to the psychologists. However, nowadays the topic is actual since the fashion industry as well as Internet form a specific understanding of a perfect body and pretty much people want to meet the standards at any price. In this […]

How to Overcome a Shame of Weight Regain?

For many women weight regain may be even more terrible than a weight gain. It’s all about struggle. A constant struggle. When you worked hard for a whole month to lose three excessive pounds and after two weeks without exercise you see them return not alone but with extra two pounds, it makes you feel […]

Do Selfies Really Provoke Suicide?

A lot of people all over the world start their day with a pair of selfie photos. Some even don’t leave their house until they post a couple of selfies in social media. This phenomenon attracted the attention of psychologists and they revealed shocking findings after conducting some research on the matter. Danny Bowman is […]