Art Therapist Advices

23 Advices from the Art Therapist Victoria Nazarevych 1. Tired – draw flowers. 2. Angry – draw lines. 3. Hurts – sculpt. 4. Bored – paint a piece of paper in different colors. 5. Sad – draw a rainbow. 6. Scary – weave macrame or do fabric applique. 7. Anxious – make a doll. 8. […]

Break the Rules!

Innovators and creative individuals find an interesting idea, put forward the ways of its realization and represent their invention to the world. Amazingly, everyone has such abilities. The main question is how to make friends with your hidden creativity? American author Marty Neumeier wrote a manual that reveals the secrets how to develop creativity. We […]

6 Signs Your Love Is Not a True One

Very often we do not notice the obvious incompatibility with a partner, being completely absorbed with strong emotion we call love. When the passion becomes a bit calmer, the disparity in habits, lifestyle, characters, behavior and temperament becomes more obvious. One or both partners feel uncomfortable with each other but are afraid to talk about […]

First Sex: How to Do It Right

“Sex should be the highest stage of communication and not a substitution of communication”. Marianne Williamson Kisses and passionate embraces sooner or later lead to sex. But many teens are not ready for it and did not know how to behave during the first sex. In this article, we’ll tell you what you can and […]

9 Powerful Life Hacks to Overcome Procrastination and Find Yourself One Step Closer to Your Dream

People start to master the art of procrastination in their early childhood and over the years these skills grow reaching an unprecedented level. Each of us understands that the skills of deliberate forgetting of doing the right things complicate our lives greatly. Some really important things are done too late, while the others are never […]

Internet Outages: Anything to Worry About?

Many of us cannot even think seriously about a possibility of staying without the Internet for even a few hours. However, what may happen if the Internet stops working for some reason? Nowadays, a life of many people makes them staying online permanently, so the question of what will happen if the Internet suddenly disappears […]