Killing Clowns: Do They Really Exist?

The USA and the UK experienced a true epidemic of clown attacks at the end of 2016. In many locations all over these countries ugly looking clowns frightened both children and adults. The problem was so serious that many schools stopped functioning until the police found the people who provoked panic dressing in clown clothes.

Consider Yourself a Smart One? Get Ready to Have Less Sex!

In 2013 LoveHoney, the UK company selling sex toys via the Internet, presented a survey that revealed the link between the level of IQ and sex drive. The research was conducted among the students of Oxford, Manchester and Cambridge universities that are considered the top educational establishments in the UK. LoveHoney presumed that one has […]

7 Types of Men to Have a Bad Sex With

Have you ever wondered why some men are able to please you with a good sex, while the others leave so terrible memories that you want to forget them as soon as possible? Unfortunately, the number of inexperienced lovers is far surpassing the number of the really skillful ones. So it’s better to determine at […]