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In business since 2007, Goldblum and Partners has established itself as a respectable law firm in Switzerland. Ever since its launch, the company has proved to be an expert in delivering legal support to companies, aspiring to jump-start their business presence in Switzerland. Conveniently headquartered in Zug and Zurich, the law firm provides its clients with direct access to both Swiss offshore jurisdiction and international financial markets. Additionally, its offices are located in Brussels, Vienna, Kyiv and Moscow.

Swiss shelf companies
Swiss shelf companies

Goldblum and Partners, albeit young by the Swiss caliber, positions itself as a resourceful team, with key competencies ranging from mergers and acquisitions to compliance practices and intellectual property.

Goldblum and Partners are servicing clients from all over the world, and a lot of them are choosing to opt in for remote cooperation. The law firm does not require its clients to visit directly in order to attend to their business needs.

Swiss shelf companies support

Goldblum and Partners have a particular focus on the following services that businesses require on a routine basis:

● corporate/M&A – business formation, escrow services, etc.;
● tax law – tax ruling preparation, accounting services, etc.;
● intellectual property (IP) – patents, trademarks, domain resolution, etc.;
● banking and finance – licensing, contracts, etc.;
● compliance practices – onboarding services, external compliance, etc.;
● dispute resolution – DWI/DUI, felonies & misdemeanors, etc.

Why Goldblum and Partners?

Industry Awards & Recognition
Thanks to its vast experience in the law industry, Goldblum and Partners received a variety of accolades to celebrate its professional success:

● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Business Restructuring Law Firm of the Year;
● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Gamechanger of the Year;
● M&A AWARDS 2017 – Best European Corporate Law Firm;
● CORPORATE INTL – GLOBAL AWARDS WINNER 2017 – Corporate Law Firm of the Year in Switzerland;
● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Capital Markets Law Firm of the Year;
● Global Law Experts Rating 2016 – WINNER.

A decade-long experience in the field

Since its launch in 2007, Goldblum and Partners amassed exclusive knowledge as well as a profound understanding of Swiss and international law alike. Its expert can provide relevant advice on a multitude of cases: from preparing tax ruling and onboarding procedures to ensuring external compliance and anything in between.

Legal support for a variety of industries

● IT, media and technology sector (startup launch, project financing guidance, loan applications, copyright, etc.);
● finance and fintech (taxation strategies, M&A, competitor analysis, restructuring, tax and regulatory compliance, etc.);
● agriculture and foods (brand protection, land acquisition, financial advice, marketing and supply chain guidance, innovation patenting, etc.);
● industrial and manufacturing (deal making, safety and regulatory compliance, loan drafting, patenting, supply chain analysis, copyright, etc.);
● consumer goods (business planning assistance, acquisition guidance, R&D, import/export analysis, marketing and sales support, etc.);
● transport and logistics (employment and dismissal guidance, drafting employment contracts, dispute resolution, IT and workflow support, etc.).

Fixed fees

Despite the common Swiss business practice, Goldblum and Partners is not charging per hour and is focusing on a result-oriented reward, which ultimately benefits its clients.

Commitment to client confidentiality

Confidentiality of Goldblum and Partners is guaranteed by the law of the Swiss Confederation.