Top 6 Symptoms of Pertussis

Pertussis or a whooping cough is an infectious bacterial disease. Its pathogen spreads through the air with the particles of saliva when the patient coughs and sneezes. Penetrating the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract of a healthy person the virus immediately starts to proliferate in the organism. This disease is especially dangerous to children due to their insufficiently formed immune systemand physiological characteristics of the respiratory system. Continue reading “Top 6 Symptoms of Pertussis”

Main Symptoms of Encephalitis

Encephalitis is an inflammation of brain caused by a viral infection. Sometimes the immune system may mistakenly attack its own tissues that results in encephalitis. This pathology is an acute inflammation that comes suddenly, develops rapidly and needs urgent medical help. Encephalitis may emerge as a consequence of some other diseases, for instance, measles, chickenpox or herpes.

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5 Main Symptoms of Measles


The disease begins with a sharp rise of temperature to 38-40 degrees. Virus particles enter the blood flow and interact with lymphocytes. Lymphocytes release substances that serve as a signal to the hypothalamus (part of the brain) to increase a body temperature. Fever is a mechanism that helps to create unfavorable conditions for the virus reproduction and accelerates the production of antibodies that can overcome the disease.

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Symptoms of the West Nile Fever

West Nile fever is a disease caused by a viral infection. For the first time the virus of the West Nile fever was isolated in 1937 in Uganda. The disease is spread mostly in Africa and Asia.

The incubation period ranges from several days to 2-3 weeks but usually it is 3-6 days. The disease starts sharply with the rapid increase in body temperature to 38-40°C and is accompanied by a fever. In some patients, the rise of body temperature is preceded by such short-term symptoms as general weakness, loss of appetite, fatigue, feeling of tension in the muscles, sweating and headache. Febrile period lasts for 5-7 days on average, although it may be shortened to 1-2 days.

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10 Secrets How to Become Attractive to Girls

Today we’d like to continue a theme of the relationships between guys and girls and to talk about how to become attractive to a girl. Many men, sooner or later, ask this question. That’s why we decided to write a post to prevent you from wasting time searching for answers. Everything you will read in this article is only a general recommendation, following which you are more likely to be attractive to girls. Remember also that the order of the male qualities listed below is not as important as their availability.

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Why Do People Lie?

Most often people lie out of fear. They are afraid of showing their weaknesses, revealing their emotions, trying to look better or not wanting to share something deeply personal.

You write so beautifully…
The inside of your mind
must be a terrible place.

If a person lies about some harmless little things, for example, about his personal life, his attitude to the sport or the like, it may be explained by an internal fear to disclose the personal opinion. If such people are told the truth they have tried to conceal, they may terminate the dialogue frustrated by their own dissatisfaction.

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10 Ideas of a Nice Present for Your Girlfriend

Unfortunately, not all guys have a proper imagination and are able to surprise and please their girlfriend with a memorable gift. But it may be excused to a certain extent, because guys face more global problems. If you are the one who has no time to reflect on the ideas of presents, check our list and find something appropriate there.

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8 Tips to Find Out Whether Your Friend Is a True One

Don’t be afraid of your friends – they can only betray you, do not be afraid of your enemies – they can only kill you, be afraid of indifferent people, for only because of their silent consent murders and betrayals are committed.

Friendship is one of the best things in life. Those friends we are sure of are definitely better than other people. A true friend may be difficult to distinguish from a mere acquaintance, nevertheless, the difference is significant. True friends are the people you can ask for help in any situation. Simultaneously, you know they are always on your side, no matter what happens.

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