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The first date is always connected with numerous concerns. Countless small details should be taken into consideration. Future relations largely depend on the first meeting.

Perfect First Date
Perfect First Date

“Evaluate your partner” – Katz.

The choice of evening decorations depends on the partner’s tastes. Even the most creative date is of no value, if your sweetheart doesn’t like it. For example, if you invite your sweetheart to jump from a bungee and standing on the tower you suddenly find out she is afraid of height, be sure it will be your last date.

But if you know your partner well, it will be very easy to surprise him/her!

Love is the best cosmetics. Gina Lollobrigida

Manners and behavior

Communication between partners is extremely important during the first date. It is necessary to consider seriously the topic that will be interesting for both of you. Choose positive themes and try to avoid talking about finances, your position within the organization and your salary. Do not forget that your partner appreciates you not only for the way you maintain the conversation, but also for your skills to listen to him carefully. Gestures during the conversation are significant too. So be moderate using them.

First date for the guys

Guys worry pretty much before the upcoming rendezvous. There are even guys that worry even more than women. Men have always been considered the conquerors and they do not tolerate any refuse. They often try to surprise a partner with their appearance on the first date putting on suits going to a café and trendy jeans and a sports shirt visiting a theater. Never make such mistakes and try to wear clothing appropriate to the time and place of a meeting. You have to feel yourself not only comfortable but also confidently. Never interrupt your girlfriend during a conversation and listen to her very carefully. Remember that a warm and unobtrusive attention will help the girl feel comfortable with you.

First date for the girls

It’s very important for the girl to behave naturally and without any vulgarity during the first date. Przesent yourself as a friendly and confident person. Do not be too intrusive and do not show your interest in the guy. Girls always have to wait the guy making the first step. If your relationships continue after the first date, he is really interested in you. Choose the convenient and beautiful clothing for the first date. Do not wear high heels if you are going to walk in the park. This option is more appropriate for the cafe or restaurant. Otherwise, your attention will be concentrated on the pain, not on the communication with the young man.

Lovers are like pepperbox and salt cellar: so different but always together. Natalia Ilyukhina

Errors guys commit during the first date

1. Do not invite the girls to spend a first date at the cinema or in the theater. It is very noisy there and it’s impossible to listen to your partner carefully.
2. The restaurant is not a perfect place too. You will be distracted by a delicious food.
3. Do not come to the meeting in the untidy clothes. Make sure your clothes and shoes are clean.
4. Do not avoid speaking and do not be silent. Man should always be the first one who takes the initiative.
5. Always try to be yourself and never demonstrate excessive promiscuity.

We always believe our first love is the last one, and our last love is the first one. George Melville White

Errors girls commit during the first date

1. Never come to the date looking unnaturally. Use a minimum of the makeup.
2. Watch out your speech. Try to be more silent as usually and listen to your partner.
3. Don’t be available on the first date. Refuse the young man the intimacy.
4. Never make hasty and erroneous conclusions, even if your partner behaved not very well. Instead, give him another chance.

Finally, the last advice applies to both guys and girls: always smile to your partner. The smile spoils nothing.

Love is a reward obtained without merit. Unknown author.