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Someone may find it strange, but the number of men inexperienced in sex is almost as large as that of women. Not all men have innate sexual talent and not all of them improve their skills increasing the number of sexual partners. This is especially true in case of young men who just begin discovering the world of sex.

dating a man with no experience
dating a man with no experience

Another paradox is that women are to be blamed in the inexperience of men. It is women who, trying not to offend a partner, do their best to depict pleasure which they do not experience in reality at all. Such situation is quite widespread and is extremely harmful for both men and women. A man receives a distorted experience that remains for many years and forms the wrong idea about women in particular and sexual life in general. Women end up with the lack of true pleasure from sexual intimacy. So the conclusion is that sexual education of men completely depends on women. If a woman wants to build really strong relationships with her partner, it’s necessary to pay much attention to it.

Psychologists claim that a woman has to be careful starting the first lessons and try not to shock the partner with the announcement that he is an amateur in sex and doesn’t know how to do everything in a right way. Male pride is very vulnerable and in order not to hurt him a woman has to apply an innocent deception.

The first and the simplest thing a woman can do is just to talk about the problem. You need to be really brave to say that something does not suit you. Naturally, it’s better to have a discussion in a relaxed atmosphere and not in the moment when your partner returned tired working hard all day long. A man is not always able to guess, not everyone is interested in the ways you like sex most of all. You need to trust each other and open up. Each time you ignore this, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to experience satisfaction from sex.

If your partner is not self-confident in sex, then information about your discontent should be as careful as possible. Do not tell him something like Don’t touch me this way/I do not like it from behind. Here you need a maximum of delicacy. The conversation should be soft and frank. Tell him how pleasant it is when he kisses your back and then turns you over on your side, etc. The main thing is to let your partner realize that now you expect something different than before.

There are men who always ask during intimacy whether the woman has an orgasm. Obtrusive questions, of course, do not contribute to improving the situation. And at the same time the answer Yes/No is good for nothing too. A woman should delicately hint her partner that an orgasm for a woman is not the main thing, the more important thing is sexual foreplay that helps a woman relax and enjoy the process. Inappropriate questions prevent the woman from the pleasure she is expecting to receive. Such explanation, most likely, will be enough to stop the questions.

The next step in sexual training is more complicated. A man needs to get rid of stereotypes, imposed by the cheap and superficial erotic literature and illiterate advisers. Frequently, the stereotypes arise from the wrong behavior of previous partners. The situation should be corrected in a very delicate manner. One of the methods is an unobtrusive hinting that it would be nice to start a study of interesting sex technique. Carefully proceed to this study, slowly opening yourself to a partner and vice versa.