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Most often people lie out of fear. They are afraid of showing their weaknesses, revealing their emotions, trying to look better or not wanting to share something deeply personal.

You write so beautifully…
The inside of your mind
must be a terrible place.

If a person lies about some harmless little things, for example, about his personal life, his attitude to the sport or the like, it may be explained by an internal fear to disclose the personal opinion. If such people are told the truth they have tried to conceal, they may terminate the dialogue frustrated by their own dissatisfaction.

Why Do People Lie
Why Do People Lie

If the couple is forced to deceive each other, the motives may be very different. Mistrust is one of them. Another possible reason is unwillingness to upset a partner. Sometimes people lie because of misunderstanding each other or just being afraid of a negative reaction predicted in advance.

How to detect a liar

A lie theory says there are some signs that may help you. They allow identify a liar with a high degree of probability:

1) a liar chooses his words very carefully being afraid of unmasking
2) the same refers to numerous pauses during a conversation
3) increasing the tone of voice that occurs unconsciously
4) much unnecessary words aimed at covering the lies.

The husband returned home early in the morning and explained said he was so late because of a bad weather.
Tell me, is it possible for a tornado to leave a hickey on one’s neck?

Generally, lie as a phenomenon is divided into 25 different types. The most common are bluff, exaggeration, humorous lie, polite lie, trade lie, noble lie, etc.

Lying is immoral. But, unfortunately, it is quite ordinary and natural for a human. Deception always has serious consequences. Fear is one of the most popular reasons why people lie. Apart from fear, another common reason of lie is to avoid punishment.

Be the same person
privately, publically
and personally

When a person realizes that he will be punished for his action, he usually lies. It is a natural human reflexive reaction against the consequences of a wrong behavior. It usually occurs in children who want to get rid of the trouble.

Another common reason why people lie is the improvement of their image or the preservation of the authority. Such people always want to present themselves to the society as good, polite and successful individuals.

Exaggeration and bluff is the main way to impress or mislead the others. Although we know that relationships based on trust and fairness are commonly the strongest. Misleading people we love, we commit an unforgivable crime.

A spread of information without a full knowledge, i.e. gossip is also a form of lying.

Sometimes people do not want to accept the fact they do not know the truth and start lying.

Social reasons of lie appear when we want to look in a better way in the society, maintain good relations with everyone and avoid disagreements with the others. This lie is known as a white lie. People tend to lie more when they are in company of other people.

People also lie to protect their privacy and to maintain their self-esteem and self-respect. Lying is not considered harmful and deceptive, if it does not touch the feelings of the other people.

Not everyone deserves to know the real you.
Let them criticize who they think you are.

Lying by omission is now considered an integral part of the business when the seller deliberately creates a misconception omitting some facts.

You may need to lie in business in order to maintain good relationships or even sell products. It relates to the harmful types of lie.

On the other hand, the doctor doesn’t tell the truth about a suspected serious illness during the examination of his patient in order not to scare relatives. Similarly, the police lies for the sake of avoiding panic. This is a noble lie.

The eyes do not lie; they are like voices breaking outside through the eyelids.
If you want to know the truth about man, do not listen to his words, look him in the eyes!